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  • The Value of doolyk.

    How does it work?

    Thanks to doolyk it is possible to take advantage of your easy-to-use QlikView® and Qlik Sense® applications to analyze Big Data, both structured and unstructured. With Hadoop you can manage all Big Data V's: not only Volume , but also Velocity and Variety. With doolyk, you can integrate internal and structured data with unstructured data, elaborated with Hadoop, directly from your Qlik® applications. Through doolyk you can add another important V: Value. doolyk is the first and unique NOSQL connector that integrates Qlik® and Hadoop, validated by Qlik® with Technology Partnership.

    doolyk can build QlikView®  and Qlik Sense® applications with aggregated data and all necessary KPI while single detail will be browsed in a linear table and some aggregation functions can be run “on the fly” within Qlik® on Hadoop. In doolyk users can visualize data on charts too. Through doolyk it is possible to explore semi-structured and unstructured data: all data can be explored, even if not in the Qlik® model, on Hadoop.