doolyk approach allows you to do real data discovery on Big Data. It allows, indeed, to find some new patterns to examine in depth and to answer to unpredictable questions.
Thanks to doolyk it is possibile to integrate and analyze structured, semi-structured and unstructured data crosswise from all sources, allowing to discover new insights. 

Big data for customers analytics

With doolyk you can analyze every “touch point” that prospects or customers have with the organization such as social channels, marketing activities on CRM, promos redemption, use of loyalty channels in order: 

  • increase customers acquisition
  • reduce churn
  • increase revenue per customer
  • improve existing products
Product Image
Product Image

Big data for operations analytics

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Industrial monitoring and optimization
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • IT operation analytics
  • Network planning and optimization

With doolyk you have the opportunity to perform analytics on production and Iinternet of Things/Sensor data, allowing for Preventive Maintenance, for example to be able to act promptly in case of failure, saving money and time. Receiving information on warehouse stocks and scheduled deliveries, allows to optimize the logistics chain and reduce storage costs.

Big data for new products and services

  • Integrated analytics
  • data-driven new products
  • data-improved service offerings

doolyk analyzes “on the field” how products operate or are used, thus giving precious information for the R&D department about the more/less used functionalities, applications to develop, functions to improve. doolyk give real time information about operating parameters of products in use by customer, allowing for a customized offering.

Product Image
Product Image

Big data for fraud detection

  • To increase the security levels
  • To reduce the fraud risks
  • To improve the services

With doolyk you can get customer anomalous behavior alert, to preserve him from fraud and to guarantee an optimal customer care/assistance service.

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